LG Cookie – The Budget Touch Screen LG KP501-KP500 Cookie Phone

The LG Cookie is a phone with entertainment and business features. This handsome mobile from the makers of LG’s touch screen Prada seem to have done good research on the feature’s aspect before launching it onto the public domain. The phone with sheen and smart pocket fit makes it an above normal touch screen mobile. Hold on… you’ve to compromise with many other things. These include, below average digital zoom, not so good picture quality and Flash less 3.2-megapixel camera operations. But for all other things LG cookie is a cheap and smart option to explore for all your communication needs. Saying it right, this exceptionally good-looking phone is much cheaper than iPhone.

The mobile comes in astonishing finishes that would make your heart melt for the mobiles. The most popular of the finishes include elegant gold, Black, Anodizing Silver and Vandyke brown. The best thing that LG has done out her in Cookie is the transformation from the jerky plastic buttons to smooth pressing metallic buttons. These one touch metallic buttons ideally blend with the 3-inches touch screen and render it an artistic appeal altogether.

LG Cookie is an advanced mobile phone from the house of LG, and it has all the usual advanced features packed in it plus more. This again makes it a plush mobile phone. The sumptuous LG cookie specifications include advanced version of Web Browser, Vibration Alert, SMS Alert, Important Call Alert, Document viewer, Phonebook, TFT LCD screen with 262k colors, and with commendable EDGE and GPRS technology incorporated.

Cookie is a remarkable change from your old mobile. In fact it is much much beyond that, especially when you compare its ultimate sheen, the sleek and slim appeal given by 106.5mm x 55.4mm x 11.9 mm dimensions, and above all it is light weight that makes this terrific mobile handset to carry anywhere without bearing the burden. Now that’s what you call 3S technology… where Slim, Sleek and smart actually fit.

It is the phone that has lot of music to offer to the music lovers also. Entertaining and enthralling, the MP3 enabled music technology lets the user enjoy high quality digital music, anywhere they go. The best thing is that that you can download and save any score on your mobile. Still further, you can also exchange the songs with your friends using LG Cookie’s Bluetooth features. Yes you can also exchange the photographs of your hubby, family and pets. All of them would look too upbeat and simply great. There is yet another pretty notable option to explore. You can download those attractive themes from Internet that makes your mobile screen as refreshing as ever.

And for those honchos who thought that it was lacking business compatible features… I would say that they are wrong to some extent. The phone lets the always busy business travelers a handy e-mail checker that keeps them updated with their routine communications. Put in one simple statement, LG Cookie is one all luster phone wit all major features and technologies incorporated in it.