Great Delicious Promotional Cookies Gifts Ideas

Have you ever been planning an event, function or product launch and wondered what would be a great novel way of promoting it? Have you ever thought what would be a great way of getting potential clients to sit up and take notice of your brand or service? We’ve all been given leaflets and cards and promptly filed them in the bin without even a second glance, but what if your were given a delicious treat in the shape and design of your logo; I’ll bet that would make you take a bit more notice. Well lets face it everyone’s time is precious so if you actually gave something back in return for their attention, then their attention is surely guaranteed to be greater. These delicious treats are known as promotional cookies – available in any size, shape, colour or design, they can be designs to promote virtually any brand, product or service.

For example, say you sold light bulbs at a light bulb exhibition; what would make a potential client take your business card rather than the next sellers? Well what if your business card was a delicious cookie? Or you were giving out ‘light bulb cookies’ with your Company details attached- that’s definitely going to make people stop & think. Promotional cookies can also be used to promote a new product. What if you’re a furniture store launching a new style of chair? You’re not in the league of TV advertising, you could send a picture of the new chair as an e-shot but it doesn’t really have the impact you need. But what if you had a delicious promotional cookie made and distributed to potential clients which looked like your new chair – now that’s so clever its bound to grab your attention.

Promotional cookies can be anything, made to look like any object or decorated with any logo and because you can combine any design with your logo they make great delicious promotional gifts too. Promotional cookies can also be great ice breakers at exhibitions and in meetings.